How to overcome insecurity, Part 2 of 3

This post is the second part of a longer article. I recommend you read part one first.

Bill Johnson once said, “Every thought that does not inspire hope is rooted in a lie.” Is everything you believe empowering you, focused on him and expecting his involvement? Do you dream of your destiny founded in the heart of God, living and preparing for your purpose?

Most of us struggle just to get by. Busy, busy and another problem. We’re judged by our inner torturer, a task master in our head drilling us for failure and shortcoming.

We’re never good enough no matter how hard we try. Grace and acceptance are short and temporary; rest is granted, but only for a minute. A good job comes with the reminder of what you could have done and a reason to celebrate becomes a lesson to learn from.

We hear “failure!” all day long from the voices in our head. There is no way to appease them. No way to silence them.

The devil in the air

Some might say those are demons, telling lies without end. Our battle is, after all, not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age.

If it’s so simple, why does the body of Christ still struggle with that? Quote the verses, fight the enemy and live a happy life.

A great theory but did it work for you? We try it again and again until one day you give up in frustration because you realize that all the wailing and proclaiming didn’t move our inner critic one bit.

Haunted by lies

So why is that stuff not working?  Why has a strategy outlined in the Word of God no effect?

Of course, the Bible is without failure. If the devil attacks us, those strategies will help us to succeed. The enemy will flee because of the authority given to us. But as we discussed in the last post, this does not take care of the lies we believe.

Humans are complex. Our behaviors and actions are determined by our convictions which translate into our values which again are evident in our behavior. Our deepest convictions are responsible for how we act.

Unfortunately, we are often not aware of what we believe. It’s like a dark pond that gets explored only when challenged. That’s why so many young people lose their faith in college. The deep waters get confronted and they don’t have an answer.

Their beliefs traveled into their subconscious because they grew up with a conviction. It became the default, a concept they accepted as a fact. So the challenge shook their world.

Just like those freshmen, we have convictions from our childhood. Things we accepted as truth because we heard them so much. Now, we build our complete lives upon them. And that’s why the voice doesn’t shut up. It’s no demon talking.

It’s us.

We communicate our deepest convictions back to ourself.

We are designed to live in a balance of conviction and actions. If you act as a king, as Jesus said you are, but are convinced that you’re not worth anything, your soul will tell you that you live in a conflict.

The truth about you

The basic lies we believe about ourselves are universal. It all boils down to our worth.

Picked up during our childhood, where important people convinced us that we’re worthless, we fight a losing battle. Because in the end, the accusations of worthlessness align with our deepest convictions.

We need to attack the problem at the root. We need to revisit the situations and people that first caused us to believe this lie. The Holy Spirit was sent as our helper and he will reveal it to you.

Here’s  how it could go down: Find a quiet place without time pressure. Relax. Prepare yourself by asking God for his peace.

Then, ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the foundational lies you believe. Then, ask him why you believe the lies. Ask him to reveal the situations and people that introduced this lie into your life.

This can be a very emotional exercise. It helps to have holy men and women with you but be careful not to invite intimate friends and family. They might very well be the sources of your beliefs.

Prepare to crack and break down because lies that you believed for decades will be revealed.

Once you know why you believe the lie, you need to forgive the people responsible for it. This will be difficult but holding on to unforgiveness means holding on to pain. Forgiveness is the only way to freedom.

Next, ask the Holy Spirit to heal you. Everything that happened until now is backed by modern psychology. But true healing can only come from God.

Only he can heal your soul and take away your pain. And the good news is, he will.

Start with a specific pain that you have and ask the Holy Spirit where it came from. He’ll often reveal a certain situation.

You might also remember certain events that caused you pain. Ask Holy Spirit where he was in that situation. For example, if you were bullied, bring a particular situation back to memory and ask him where he was.


Remember salvation, the sunshine and the butterflies? That’s what freedom tastes like. You will taste life and the promises of God.

Your beliefs will be balanced and your inner critic will slow down. When demons throw lies at you now, you can fight them off, no problem. You now know the truth about yourself.

Like everything in this life, healing is a journey. Everything is entangled and there are things you need to keep in mind to maintain and cement your healing.

In part 3, we’ll talk about how to keep things going.

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