Christian ready to go to battle

How many boys do you know that pursue weakness?

They all want adventures and fighting. They like soldiers, swords, and Samson. It’s only when they get older that they start hiding their god-given desires to fight.

Boys are shamed into weakness. Their passionate hearts are quenched by the pressure to be civilized and “nice”.

It’s hard enough that culture tells them how bad they are for being boys. But in the church, where they should get affirmation and a strong identity, we confirm their doubts.

Even worse, we don’t say it how we mean it. We leave it up to them to shuffle through the concepts of meekness, humility, and servanthood.

What preachers often mean when they say those words is to be helpless, weak and pitiful.

Be a sissy. It’s ok. Stare at the ground as sin ravages the world God has entrusted you. Let the world push you over, let them have their way with you.

Some accept their doom and some run as fast as they can. Yet both feel the pain and bury it.

And the church stops roaring.


A warrior’s answer

The fiber of a man, the essence of a warrior, the spark God put in us is to fight. It is ours to choose how we fulfill this need but denying it will kill us.

Society has taken away from men what makes us. And the church not only promotes that but double-downs on it. Our yoke is heavy and our eyes are blind.

Yet Jesus preached a different gospel than our preacher. He told us to bind the strong man (Mark 3:27) and to take the kingdom by force (Matthew 11:12).

God is talking about his people. The one’s who smile and won’t offend. The nice ones. The churchy brandy bunch.

His words are necessary to hear because he is calling out what is to be. As the angel called Gideon a mighty warrior (Judges 6:12) while he was hiding from the enemy. As Jesus called Peter a rock while he was still young in faith (Matthew 16:18).

So does he call us violent while we’re still soft.


Violence and despise

Violence in our world today is reserved for criminals and UFC fighters. It is out of our world because we associate it with people who can’t control themselves.

Psychologists tell us that violence is nothing more but a cry for help. Violent people are unable to control a situation so they lash out. Oftentimes, they get angry first, trying to intimidate the other person and thereby controlling them.

If that doesn’t work, they let the fist rule. Violent people are seen as unstable with a great lack of self-esteem and social skills.

Most of the time, this is true.

Yet they have honor, passion, and zeal. Violent people understand respect and facing the fear of losing it. You need guts to enter a fight with an opponent of equal strength.

Stepping in the ring will bring you respect. Skipping it will only bring you understanding.


Respect and Christianity

Of course, our fight is not against flesh and blood. Of course, we’re only seeking to please the Lord. Other people’s opinion shouldn’t matter because our identity is in the Lord.

Now cut the nonsense.

I’m tired of the excuses. Let’s stop masking our fears and call them what they are.

We’ve been sitting in security all of our lives. Our churches are filled with middle-class, comfort and protection. We’re clean and sterile.

We didn’t have to fight because our bubble protected us. But the tide is changing. Young and old are forsaking their faith and we just sit there and smile.

We now have the opportunity to show who we really are. God is calling us to take a stand.

We raise our heads and feel the swoosh of the foreign blade. Yet eventually, it will all become familiar. Hatred becomes irrelevant because courage prevails.


How about those uncontrolled emotions?

Know that you have fear. Understand that we all do. Admit it to yourself that you feel shame and ask God to heal your fragmented soul.

Violence needs to be executed with a purpose and without regrets. Never act out of anger yet stop to acknowledge what you feel.

Violence, in most cases, is not a physical act. Don’t run around beating the breaks off of people.

But be ready to fight for injustice. Be sure you know why you fight and be clear on your theology. Be ready to give an answer in season and out of season (2 Timothy 4:2).

Fight for the kingdom. Protect the innocent and fight abortion. Protect the weak and fight human trafficking. Stand up against bullies. Fight for your people who are slaughtered in the Middle East and Asia.




  1. Absolutely spot on. Fight the good fight brother. I’m with you!!!

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