Warfare prayer to remember the truth

Warrior facing dragon

I had a situation at work the other day that was getting the best of me. Emotions were running wild and I didn’t know how to deal with it. It seemed like I was powerless, unableto pray and forced to accept the situation as it is. The Bible tells me that I’m not facing my problems alone but I couldn’t feel the truth in my heart. My thoughts of faith didn’t cut it anymore and I had speak it out, over and over again. With every breath, I became louder and louder and after a few seconds, I was yelling at the top of my lungs.

“I have God by my side. You can’t stop me! I’m a warrior”.

Old ladies looked worried and young kids were staring at me. They didn’t know I was preparing to represent Christ to this world without caving. I was bringing back to my heart what my mind was pushing out of existence. Problems and rampage made me forget that Christ “will never leave me nor forsake me” (Hebrews 13:5). Screaming the truth into the steering wheel of my car was the only way for me to remember the truth. It was the only way to silence the lies in my head.

This is Sparta

Remembering His goodness is spiritual warfare. Thoughts of insignificance don’t appear out of nowhere. There is a psychological element that we can’t forget but desperation that comes out of nowhere is a sign that there is more involved than just your head. Why else would Paul write about the armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-20)? Prayer is warfare and a church who doesn’t pray is like an army who doesn’t fight.

Without prayer, your mind will be overrun with lies and you will end up like the Czech Republic during World War 2. They had a well-oiled war-machine and a modern army of twenty-five divisions but they decided to surrender to the Nazis without a fight. Now it’s true their allies stabbed them in the back but had they decided to fight, France and Russia would have had their back.

Make a choice or make excuses

The Czechs had everything they needed yet they didn’t take action. They gave into their fear and the enemy took advantage of it. Once the Nazis occupied their territory, all the Czech’s resources and aspirations were taken from them.

A life without prayer will have the same effect on us. We will forget who we are and we will buy into interpreting the circumstances as all there is. Dismay and apathy will break into our lives and our love for Christ will grow colder with each day. Reading the word is not enough to keep us afloat in this world. A warrior needs to use his sword in battle like a mechanic uses his tools and a doctor uses his instruments.

Lies and bullets

Take the authority God has given you in this world. You are in a war, whether you stand up and fight or like the Czech government, surrender and hope for the best. It’s vital to remember that this life is more than meets the eyes. As Christians, we have a responsibility to use the tools God has given us. Prayer is part of our toolbox and we have to master it to make an impact.

The enemy targets the dangerous so if you don’t experience any attacks, you are not a thread.

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