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Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth? Tell me, if you have understanding.

The heart of a Christian is riddled with doubt. Considering the landscape, there are good reasons for that. Shallow messages and our cultural defeat have moved our faith to the sidelines. Faith is equaled to naivety and weakness. We’re called to be leaders but the church is known for patty behavior, ignorance, and scandals.

And I’m sick of this.

I’m about truth and digging through convictions.┬áNo doctrine is holy to me. No opinion sacred. I want to know Him and nothing will stand in my way.

Don’t take this lightly. My stuff is raw, pulsating and messy. You will not see a shiny smile and three verses on how God will make you rich today. Head over to Joel Osteen if you’re into this.

This blog is only for the hungry ones. The doubters and the misfits, the outcasts and the sinners.

You’re my people.

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