Why the churches are empty and Christians are weird

Schools are a lot like churches today. People go there because they have to.

But there was a time when people wanted to learn about the world. A time when people smiled when they heard the word of God.

It was a time when schools and the church served their purpose.

As they became successful, the hunger for power destroyed the original purpose.


The state of the church

As the church, we have done the same as our schools. We have become a huge institution, driving agendas and playing politics.

While rubbing shoulders with the big boys, we missed the vibe of society. We’re still playing the old tune, drum the old beat and fill the old vine skins.

Humanity has moved on and the institutionalized church has lost its relevance. Not because it’s bad but because what we say has no impact.

We’re a tradition today and history tomorrow. When we’re not bringing life, our sermons are but a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal (1. Corinthians 13:1).

We fail at our core business. The only stake we have left in society are the family tradition known by the old-timers. The ones soon to-be-gone and the ones we live traditions for.

Traditions die with those who love them.

When the cosy family get-togethers are gone, the church will stay empty. The visitors weren’t there for the love of Christ in the first place so what should keep them there?

We have lost those people a long time ago. They just stopped showing up now.


Passionate about our faith

Theology is the bread of life but faith without action is dead (James 2:14-26). Our sermons might have sound theology but what good is it if they are only words from our mouth?

Real Christianity takes care of the widows and orphans and fights for those who can’t fight for themselves.

Christianity is not the booming sermon in front of hundred thousand cheering believers. It’s the fulfillment of the great commission, to love when it’s hard and when love is a choice.

It’s the day to day.

It’s connection to other humans. It’s tears and wailing, embrace and knowing.

We can’t love people from the pulpit. A speaker might heal my pain but his love will reach me only for today.

He’s gone tomorrow, loving someone else.


The death of tradition

The days of empty traditions are over. Today, we want something real and tangible. Perfect humans don’t exists. The perfect preacher has issues, too.

We need to stop playing games. I’m tired of seeing actors at church, investing energy into keeping up a facade that doesn’t mean anything.

Church! We are broken and we hate to admit it. Everyone can see it, except us. The world is not blind, nor are they stupid.

We all want the same thing. We all want to relate and connect. It’s the greatest desire of the heart. People won’t care about your faith if they can connect with us.

Trust comes first. Faith will come later.

Love draws people. Brothers and sisters, a tight-knit family willing to sacrifice ourselves for the ones we love. This is the body of Christ we are called to be.

It’s what we need. It’s what the world needs.

We are ordained to represent our father, the highest king in the known and unknown world. His authority outlasts the monarchs spread across the globe. To them, it was given. Our God had it from the beginning.

Life flows through our veins as we grow into our destiny and identity. We don’t need to pretend something.

We are not an institution.

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7 thoughts on “Why the churches are empty and Christians are weird”

  1. Come to church, we need more men!!!!! Said the little old grandmotherly type.
    As a male, it becomes apparent that I cant sing the songs, hymns as they are an octave above my highest note.
    Then I hear words like ‘we are the bride’ ‘We are the beauty piece’. I hear humilty and tenderness preached, but I dont hear the balancing contrast of strength and tenacity.
    I dont even hear that Christ bore the pain and shame for all and died horribly on a cross and rose agin to glorious victory (they shy away from that – death, pain, duty, love for ccreation, – )
    Then i hear the church has a choir that has 30 women and 2 men and will I be joining ?
    They also have patchwork, quilting, cooking, flower arranging and childrens groups. ( I’m a widower and no children)
    What do you do they ask – Warrant Officer – Army – Paratrooper, they go silent look at amazement and ask if I am a Christian. ( was there something that they assumed?). I talk about David, Gideon and Jesus who took a whip and told disciples to take a sword.
    Most certainly I am Ma’am and I march for Christ and defend the widow, the orphan and the opporessed, I place myself between the innocent and the evil, i make sure that evil people and nations don’t go unchecked.
    I ask; When will you be having a men’s group to chop down some trees, mow some lawns and will the church organise a Men’s only weekend and camping trip? The Pastor and his flock look dumb founded.
    Do you have a group that visits the dark alley ways and meets the lonely, homeless and lost? NO
    Do you stand up and picket against social injustice? NO
    Then I find out the Church janitor is a Buddist, the Office Secretary is a Muslim and the councillor is an agnositic.
    I wonder how this Church got so watered down and soft sell, tepid of the hard fact of Christ and what he calls us to.
    Sorry, not interested in joining the Christian club or holy huddle! i am seeking a Misson and a radical bunch of people who live church every day and not just on a sunday.

    Just my rant, that as the world turns away and goes on, the church is becoming more inward focussed instead of moving onwards and outward to meet people in the world. The early church went into the world! Why do some Churches sit waiting for the world to come to them???????? A flightless bird will soon be eaten, but we will mount up on the wings of the eagle


  2. I have often wondering why so many churches are empty. Or full of women. And how it is revelant. To a man. I am broken, and I have felt a sense of lost from losing so much in life. There are a lot of hurting people who need the love of God in there lives. How do you reach them. I was listening to a video on YouTube the speaker said relationships. Relationships are the key. Cultivating friendships are what draw people. Have a relationship with a person so they have the opportunity to share the gospel.

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