Dark skies are calming the soul. Rain mingled with the north wind is trickling down my face.

Today is the day we have been molded for.

We were prepared for this day by iron winters and blazing summers. Forged through pain and trial, a beast arose upon dry lands.

We ran, brothers, through the trials this life has laid upon us. We fought our devils without mercy.

Their cries will forever ring in our ears.


Band of brothers

Look around you, soldier.

Look at the man who stands by your side. King David rolled with a gang of savages yet loved our God above all else. He fell at times yet he was called a man after God’s own heart. (1 Samuel 13:14)

A seasoned warrior with a tender heart, a man who knew the battlefield and persecution.

To your right, Peter is raising his sword. Wild eyes bulging out of their sockets mocking the enemy ahead. Determined and convinced, free and holy.

John the Baptist, sounding the voice in the wilderness. Fearless in proclaiming his mind. One against many, one against the odds, one who was called great.

Next to him is Paul, covered in scars from a life well lived (2 Corinthians 11: 24-28).

Samson is ready to slash our enemy with the skull of a donkey in his right hand (Judges 15:15-16). Elijah is cemented in the ground, not giving up an inch of territory, mocking the foreign gods once again (1 Kings 18:25-27).

You are standing with the greatest men who ever lived. They got your back, they have your trust. Each of those men would give their life for you in battle. They all follow the same God. (John 15:13)

Keep your focus now. You are save. No matter what happens today, remember that you’re living your purpose. You fight for the greatest. And the greatest died for you.

You have brothers at your side and a king to die for. Focus on the battle ahead of you and know that the safest place to be is in the will of God.


Where are the Christians?

We are an army, determined to win and loyal to the crown. A horde of believers, a family woven together throughout the centuries by the love for their God.

No one would think to call this group Christians.

No, we are the people of the cross, followers of Yeshua Hamashiach, his name carved upon our hearts.

We are warriors who are standing up for truth, willing to pick up our cross as our fathers have done before us.

We come from everywhere, bound together by one desire. We know our differences yet we strive for unity in our Lord.

We bring the war to the gate for the time has come to stand up. We have been sleeping long enough.

We have been Christians long enough.


Developments and decisions

Warriors are not defined by rank or esteem. The greatest among us might never be recognized while children are running this world.

No, true warriors are molded by warfare, hardship, and opposition. A hero is born only when he overcomes, a legend created only through perseverance.

He runs towards the battlefield and not away from it. He has the courage to forsake safety and plunge into battle.

Following Christ is not for church potatoes. You need strength to carry your cross.

If you are facing troubles and the devil’s knocking on your door, remember your destiny. God has a plan for your life that goes beyond your wildest dreams (Jeremiah 29:11).

Opposition and trials are your opportunity to trust. Seek him at times of troubles and know his faithfulness.

Stay with my God and you will live. Life will not be easy but you are building a legacy to look back on.

A bond with the Most High, forged in the depth of hell. In 100 years, when we stand in glory together, you will have stories to tell and memories to share.

Even the angels will be excited to listen to you. The opportunity to follow Him through trials is now. When there is doubt and you can’t see His glory, your faith will be credited as righteousness.

An opportunity that will never come back.

So pick up your sword now, warrior. Become a legend. Forge your friendship with the Most High. Earn the rewards of God calling you his friend.

It doesn’t matter how many scriptures you can quote if you don’t fight any battles.

Can you be trusted with the kingdom?

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  1. I attend a Methodist church, it is being attacked by satan, he has infiltrated at every level. For my sake I would like to leave, but I think God wants me there to fight. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed, how can I make a difference in this huge organization 7.3 million members, then I think of Gideon. God sent me into a battle and I am not alone, for he who sent me stands with me! You’re words are strong, they are full of power, they strengthen me, thank you! Remember me in your prayers brother, two warriors serving the same King on different fronts.

  2. i have become stagnant and weak sitting in the pews; God is offering a door for me now!

    • Whatever battle you face, remember that this life is short. We only have this one life, only 80 years to show him our love. Our life is ours to give to him. It’s a hard decision but if you walk with him, the hardship will faint in comparison to your gains. Fighting for the king is our greatest honor in this life. Friendship with the Almighty is the highest honor we can attain. Look back on this day in 1000 years and celebrate the sacrifices you made today because, throughout eternity, you will never regret it.

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