Oh God, why don’t you let me fight my enemies?

I sometimes feel I should have been born in the times of the Old Testament, warring with a battle ax against the forces of darkness and the heathens of the world. I would have joined David and his mighty men fighting injustice and unholiness with the sword. We would have annihilated evil from society and collected the foreskins of thousands of unbelievers for the glory of our king (1 Samuel 18:27).

It is a lot easier to grasp the concept of friend and enemy. Holy prophets killed the evil ones (1 Kings 18) and holy men didn’t sleep until they blotted out all evil (2 Kings 9). We either win or die fighting. Both fit in our box, both have a beginning and an end.

But we don’t live in times long gone and we don’t wield the sword at the unbeliever. Our war is not fought in the realm of the physical but in the realm of dreams and ideas. We fight with the mind and the spirit and we fight in a reality unseen, the foundation of what our eyes can see and the end of what our minds can perceive.

Longing for the past?

When we look at the Old Testament today we are faced with strong conflicts. We approach the verses with the mindset of the watered-down morality of the 21st century. We want his grace but ignore his holiness. We see Christianity as a happy getting-along philosophy rather than a surrender of mind and will to a fierce and holy warrior God.

Comfort and riches have numbed our society to the dangers of sin. Our silence in defending godliness has given rise to voices welcoming every philosophy and religion with wide and open arms.

On our watch, Planned Parenthood dismembers children in the womb. They cut the spine of developed Babies inside their own mothers. But that’s only if the injection of poison into the baby’s head fails. In either way, no matter if dead or alive, the doctors rip the little one apart and pulls out the pieces one by one.

I want to blame these atrocities on ignorance but I don’t have it in me. What they do is beyond murder. It’s slaughtering innocence and a betrayal to the core of who we are as human beings. It’s my own children who could have been raised in those wombs, cut apart into pieces by self-righteous sons of evil.

Deliverance of complacency

Sin didn’t change. Its severity is still the same as it was when it first entered this world. The difference though between today and the time of Joshua and David is that Christ paid the price for it. He took away the consequences of sin and carried them himself. That’s why we can approach the throne boldly and call God our father.

But through a culture of relativity and a land filled with riches, the influence that sin has on our lives has been pushed to the sidelines. Our view of sin adapts to our surroundings if we are not grounded in the reality of sin’s severity. And since we don’t understand how sin is wrecking the world, we don’t understand the urgency to purge it.

Jesus, we need you

Our only chance to win is to win is to cry out for our savior. We need his mind and heart to represent him well on this earth. We need him to live a life devoted to him, worthy of the sacrifice he made for us. We need his strength to fight for righteousness in this world and bring his kingdom to the earth. Only his grace can sustain a fight that will require everything.

Our commitment to him can only be as strong as our revelation of his character and his love for us. The more we know him, the more we want to live for him. The more we love him, the more we are committed to his cause and his mind becomes ours.

That’s when we can fight. Blows will hurt and bones will break but our commitment will stand. We have Christ and we have each other. We are the church.

And we fight for one.

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3 thoughts on “Oh God, why don’t you let me fight my enemies?”

  1. Good post Micheal! we must never lose sight of the severity of sin and not to lose sight of where our strength comes from. That this is not a fight against flesh and blood but against the darkness and principalities that wage war on mankind. For Jesus came to destroy the works of darkness and give us life (eternal life). He came to reveal the Father. And in the Father’s love we find our true purpose, we find a cause worth dying for, and we find our meaning!

    Thanks for your post Micheal!

  2. Amen, brother. Thanks for your comment. Who knows, maybe if I totally understand the father and who I am in him, maybe I would think different? I don’t know. But I do know that I am on a quest to find out.

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