The deadly consequence of underestimating sin

The church teaches us the things we should and shouldn’t do but it avoids to fill us in on the consequences.

Somehow, we have to stay on the right track but how can we do that if the consequences of sin don’t seem to be that bad after all?

Going for the wrong choice is often tempting. Making the right choice feels like a good medium rare steak without salt: bland and boring.


Vanities and wishing

I’m sure you’ve heard the testimonies of great evangelists around the world. Bad boys, mobsters, and gang-bangers.

An ugly life turned perfect by the grace of God.

He did the parties, he did the drugs. He worshiped the gods of lust and selfishness, of vain and pleasure. He went down the rabbit holes, explored his fantasies and dug into his desires.

Now he’s back to tell the story. He did it all and found it lacking. He talks about the vanity he lived in and the life he’s found.

Now, what about the guys who did everything right? Courting, marriage, kids, stable job and in the church his whole life?

One guy saves himself for marriage while another has sex with everything that moves. One lives life high as a kite while the other struggles and fights with what is.

Yet both get to start fresh. Both sins get washed away, small and big. Yet one can look back at a life filled with a glorious testimony.

And the other dude just dreams and asks “What if?”


Throwing out the bait

If we long for sin, we don’t see it as it is.

Sin is more complex than our “set of acceptable behaviors for good people”. Sin is like a tumor, growing inside our body and killing us over time.

You see, the devil hates us for we were made in the image of God.

God has declared his love for us. He cemented his words into eternity by becoming one of us and paying the ultimate sacrifice.

We are the next best thing to God. Get us and you get back at God.

So the devil lies, steals and deceives. But he can’t just come and kill you. No, you have to give him access to your life first.

And that’s the bait.

Sin creates an access point, a legal entry to parts of our thinking. This is where the havoc happens. And because we don’t see the world falling apart in front of our eyes, we don’t connect the dots.

The sudden depression, the feelings of inadequacy, lack of strength and fights without causes. They might seem natural and sometimes they are. But very often, they are directly correlated to sin.


The essence of sin

Sin seems harmless at first. A small lie or a quick glance won’t hurt anyone. But once that’s done, the seed is planted in your mind.

A growing seed is small but it still impacts the soil around it. If left alone, a peek turns into staring and thoughts turn into obsessions.

Over time, we won’t be able to look a woman in a normal way anymore because our brain in now wired for lust instead of relationship.

Over time, we lose the ability to love a girl as we yearn to. We build a wall that keeps us locked in desire.

Porn made woman someone to sleep with instead of someone to love. Welcome to sin’s consequences. Welcome to believing a lie.


Sin wants you for lunch

There is always a price for sin. Whether we pay with our peace of mind or the health of our body, there’s no free lunch. We always curse the root at the end.

There is only one way out: Repent and live! Humble yourself before God and acknowledge that his ways are superior to ours. End your suffering and bow your knees.

Jesus will forgive your sins and make you whole. But remember: Sanctification is a process. Paul tells us to walk out our salvation (Philippians 2:12) and this means to give it time.

Be aware of the lies of the enemy. Repentance takes away the sins but not the temptations. Remember what he has done for you.

As for the consequences: You will be tortured for as long as you live in sin. No matter what we see on the outside, our torment is mostly unseen.

The only lasting relief we’ll ever find is in Christ.

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11 thoughts on “The deadly consequence of underestimating sin”

  1. Really enjoyed this. You’re absolutely like. Sin is like a tumor. What a good example! Thanks for the encouragement.

    If you would like, I am also a fellow blogger. I’d really appreciate if you checked out my website. Any encouragement or tips you have for me would be awesome. God bless

    1. Thanks for your comment, Mike. Glad you enjoy the blog.

      Your site looks great. I would put a picture of yourself on it. I feel it helps a lot when people know how you look like.

  2. Very good, Michael. Indeed, it is the quiet consequences of our wrong choices that often slip by unnoticed, and then slowly eat away at our souls. The great antidote to the poison is to live everyday moving forward in the truth.

  3. I have fallen and have left behind the God and his grace. I must repent and follow in his path. Want to thank my friend John Tompkins for sending me this.

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