What everybody ought to know about fear

Our reality is made up of what we derive from our experiences up until today.

As little children, we took in everything. We build our world without being able to distinguish lies from truths. We were at the mercy of our surroundings.

If we had mostly good experiences, we grow up as positive, healthy people. If they were mostly bad, we see ourselves as worthless and the world as evil.

That’s why a good father is so important. He is someone who cares enough to protect us from bullies, lend us his strength and rages war on our behalf. His words of truth melt away the lies that otherwise develop into doubts and insecurities.

Knowing we can lean on someone is essential for developing a sense of self-worth.


A time in a life

Unfortunately, a lot of us didn’t have the protection they needed. They had to go out into the world alone and figure it out by themselves.

This unknown place spits in your face if you don’t know how to handle it. We learn to mistrust and rely only on ourselves. We stop caring about the world that hurt us and focus only on ourselves.

We start to interpret the lack of skills as a lack of worth. A single negative thought that took ground in earlier years can now mature. It has the power to take over and ultimately destroy our lives.

We learn to be a man in the eyes of the world. Take what you want and move along. Get that girl, break that nose and rule this city.

Make everyone believe we’re the real deal. For if they do, maybe we can, too.


Hustling away

I wanted to be tough as nails when I was younger. I would stare at random people just to get them to avoid my gaze. If they did, I felt strong and mighty. It gave me a boost and made me feel important until the next guy came along.

Of course, not all people looked away. Some stared me down and again others would start to get angry and verbalize their frustration. At times, this escalated.

I felt challenged and offended by all of those random guys. And each of those guys felt the same. We were all acting out of a deep insecurity, a longing for acceptance and respect.

The only way we knew how to get it was by feeling superior to someone else.

“I’m tougher and better than you because I won the staredown.”

We were offended and struggling within. Our war was inside our heads. It all stemmed from an immense weakness we tried to mask.

We were all looking for the temporary relief at the expense of someone else.


Living the life

Our insecurities drive our lives and make us do stupid things. It doesn’t take a lot to offend us because we are searching for active signs of disrespect in others.

We always find what we are looking for. We form our own realities and we interpret other people’s action as a blow against our self-esteem. In order to predict the attack, we anticipate it.

We react actively or passively, directly or indirectly. All for revenge, all to release the pain. If the foe doesn’t get the grunt of it, some coworker, friend or family member will.

All these shackles in our lives are a terrible setup for an essential thing in human existence: relationships.


Lift up your hand

With the previous passages in mind, salvation takes on a different tune. Jesus came to give us life and life to the fullest. He came to heal us from our infirmities and insecurities.

He came to make us whole people. He offers us to heal our hearts and take away the pain. All our issues can be traced back to a lack of perceived love. Guess what Jesus is?

Imagine to be you without your fears. Think of you’d be without your insecurities, able to do whatever you want to do?

Salvation is not only for eternity. It’s for now.

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