Who Dares to Touch My Daughter?

Scavengers and savages are ruling the world. Come and take what your want. Sexual freedom is there for all of us. Taking is interpreted as giving and the gift becomes a debt. Support for sexual freedom is everywhere and victims keep quiet for fear of shame and blame.

Young girls are getting raped, futures destroyed and destinies taken. Women with a path to glory are racked to shambles by the sexual revolution. Where we used to brush our urges under the carpet, we let them lose today.

Those girls have fathers and those fathers believe the same lie. “Let those girls experience the pleasures of this world”, they say. “Let them have fun while they are young. It’s 2016, for crying out loud.”


What does a father think?

Are you a dad? Do you think your daughter should go wild before settling down? I call you a coward. You deny your destiny as a protector, a mandate given to you by God himself. He entrusted you with a part of the crownship of creation, a jewel to be guarded and protected.

You bought into the lies of man, proclaiming the freedoms of their urges as natural and nothing to be ashamed of. Where do you think will those men takes their urges? Fueled with the conviction of liberation, they will not take no as an answer.

And who will be there to protect your girl? Will it be her 15 year old boyfriend? Will it be sleazy uncle Jack? Those guys believe the same lies everyone else bought into. And they look at your daughter’s body without suspicion.


Mighty protector

Father, your role is not only to protect your girl from lies but also from physical destruction. One rape will change the little girls outlook on life, how she sees herself and the worth she has in her father’s eyes.

The German punk band “Die Ärzte” released a hit son in the early 90’s that owned the charts for months. The translation of the title is “men are pigs”. The song is all about the depravity of men and how they‘d do anything to get a girl to sleep with them. The doctors, as the band would be called in English, proceeded to tell us how everything nice about guys is a feeble lie.

People were humming the tune and singing along. We loved it because the song spoke truth coated in entertainment. An artist can say things a politician never could. The song painted a picture of who men would be if they didn’t control themselves. It became successful because it resonated with what we all feel inside.

Without the constraints of faith and society, men’s fantasy runs lose. We are mighty yet we are weak. We will not restrain ourselves without a reason. Love, fear of punishment or fear of rejection are good pointers to not act upon our urges. The reasons man doesn’t run wild are many but there always has to be a reason to not do what our urges command.


Changes in society

We live in a society without absolutes. Genders are fluid and fear of offense is glaring at freedom. We are trembling at the thought of setting boundaries on individuals. Any definition about me is only up to me. We withdraw our boundaries and a white man can become a tall Chinese woman in a second.

We have allowed anyone to be what they desire to be. We removed the reasons society has put into place to act decent. We are at the brink of letting everyone define their own right or wrong. Who am I to tell you what you can or can’t do?


The failure of dads

Here is where the fathers start to fail. We are to afraid to speak up against a dude’s freedom to use the same bathroom as our daughters. We are terrified to confront anyone’s freedom because that’s the way society is evolving.

The issue is not the letting people live their lives. It’s about the protection of everyone else. We know in our hearts that these things are wrong. We condemn ourselves for a failure to stand up. We’re in a war of mind against heart, justification of failure against buried yet unshakable truth.

Molestation, rape, date-raping. Call it whatever you want. Our daughters are trapped because they never saw us stepping in for them. They are insecure because their dads never took a stand against the injustices hurled at them. Everyone does it, everyone thinks it’s fine. And no one ever said anything against it. And our girls suffer in silence.

We are trapped in a cycle that only radical truth can break. We are spinning ourselves and reject every last bit of common sense in the spirit of political correctness. We are too deep in this mindset to simply go with it and adjust along the way.

No. Because of our silence in the past, the fight is harder now. Our failure to speak up will cost our daughters dearly. It now requires more courage then ever to confront the threats our daughters have to face every day. The mild advice doesn’t cut it. The answer has to be as radical as the push against us. No one pays attention to the compliant.



Change can only happen if we accept our failures. “It’s not so bad” will not get us anywhere. But once we admit we messed up, once we align ourselves with the hinting of our heart, change can came quickly.

Owning our mistakes lets us stand whole-heartedly behind our new goals. Let’s empower the girls we love and act as the shield we were made to be. And if needs be, break the noses of those who embraced their “right” to live a life without restrictions.

Stand up now, mighty men. It is only to late when you’re six feet under ground. Shake off the dust from your eyes, raise you head towards the heavens and roar for the pain of man’s daughters. Where were her protectors? Where are the one’s she looked for help?

They are here now. No more games. No more running.

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