Your life’s best chapter is yet to come

Your lives best chapter is yet to come

Our life has a beginning and an end. Like the cover of a book, they are the absolute boundaries of our earthly existence. We can’t impact them nor can we change them. We have no control over the culture we were born to nor our upbringing and the values that build our identity.

Up to this day, our own book of life was written with indelible ink that has integrated with the pages. Our past is unmovable but our future is magic. Empty pages about to be filled with deep falls and tremendous heroism. Great testimonies and sobbing with the Psalms. All will be written down to be remembered forever.

Chapters will be written that will enchant the reader and take him into a world filled with wars and fears. He will hear of our inner fights and listen to the voices in our heads. Our thoughts will become real to him and he will suffer with us through the longing for meaning in a world of cheap promises.

Unknown dimensions

Our books will be written as things truly are. As we will read it one day, our eyes will be opened to a new realm that surpasses what we know and see today. We will see the chains we were bound with and God’s angels released over our lives. It’s a battle of souls, fought with demons and dragons and the prayers of the saints.

We have to stand in the times of war to enjoy times of peace. Hollywood copied a warrior’s dream but since so many die unnoticed, we call it a fairytale. Our realm of influence is ours to guard. No one will take our responsibility but us. We win our victories not only for ourselves but for our ours as well. We win for a destiny and legacy, we fight for those we love and those we leave behind.

We have to make memories in the darkness to keep us humble when things are great. How we behave when times are good is the evidence of a lesson learned or squandered. Can we handle his blessings or will we forget about God as soon as the sun is rising?

No perfect heroes

We are all open books and those around us don’t need ink and paper to read us. Our impression on people is the collection of inner struggles and resolutions, worked through and buried. People around us read us like those who parse through the lines of our lives in the heavenly.

Everything is 20/20 in hindsight but we have something today that we will not have then. While we live in the unknown, with wet ink drying as we live our life, we have the advantage of the moment. We have control over the next pages. We are the hero of this ship, we are the authors of our books.

We can’t impact everything but we can start with changing what will be written from today on. Great testimonies always include adversary. Even Jesus won the victory not despite the darkness but through the darkness.

Every good book has a conflict. It would be boring otherwise. We love to read about struggles because we all can connect to them. They are as real as life itself. The journey is what makes the hero because no one is born perfect. He struggles, reaches for the hand of God and overcomes.

So don’t worry about your own book’s hero’s flaws. Let the reader connect to them and experience who the hero truly is. Let the reader’s lives be changed by your story before the last sentence is written and the book is closed.

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